Preface The origin of this book lies in 2 events occurring many years apart. When I (DAR) was an intern, after a night on call during the winter, I was asked by my attending physician if I had admitted any patients with interesting cases. As I shuffled my stack of admission papers for a large number of young children with bronchiolitis, and with 30 minutes of overnight sleep behind me, I replied that I had not. We proceeded to walk rounds on every patient (years before family-centered rounds) and my attending pointed out a unique fact about every child. Fast-forward several years (I’m not saying how many) to the Clinical Conundrum presentations (run by SNO) at the annual Pediatric Hospital Medicine conference. A wide variety of presentations always deliver interesting facets of rare and everyday cases. They brought home the lesson learned during my internship: every case is a teaching case. It seemed, then, that there should be an audience for a compilation of cases whose teaching points go deeper into or beyond the bedside management, toward the less discussed areas of care that are equally important and affect patient outcomes. Luckily, the American Academy of Pediatrics publishes cases by specialty in their Challenging Cases series. In this volume, we hope you will find a series of cases (both common and rare) that can be used to stimulate discussion and provoke thought. Cases are followed by a discussion (pearl) on medical management or an associated issue that often gets overlooked during rounds but is important in overall patient care. The variety of cases provide an excellent teaching opportunity, to use them as a teaching tool for various levels of learners on a medical team. The recommended readings are a good starting point for further investigation into the pertinent issues. We hope that this compilation of cases will be used by pediatric hospitalists and educators to support inpatient clinical care, as a quick reference, and for teaching on rounds and during educational conferences. May this book be a reminder that every patient can teach us something important and we can all continue learning. The cases presented in this book are based on real cases, although some modifications have been made to protect the identities of the actual patients. The cases are described close to the actual events and so may Challenging Cases in Hospital Med_Book.indb 15 07/08/20 9:26 AM
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