Preface There are many textbooks of pediatric cardiology, most of which provide a comprehensive approach to the subject. This is not one of those books. Rather, our goal is to provide the pediatric health care professional with a represen- tative sample of discussions of pediatric cardiac diagnoses presenting in a variety of pediatric care settings. The idea for this approach came in 2 ways. The initial inspiration for this book was a series of symposia given by me and others several years ago at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) National Conference & Exhibition by using a case-based approach to diagnoses that were commonly encountered in pediatric practice or were less common but potentially lethal. The case-based approach to these “challenging cases” was so enthusiastically received that I was motivated to collect and provide more. Almost simultaneously, the AAP Section on Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery (SOCCS) Executive Committee was approached by AAP Publishing repre- sentatives with the opportunity to add to the Publishing Challenging Cases series. The executive committee decided to undertake the project and I was selected to lead the effort. In keeping with the SOCCS emphasis on encourag- ing the development of fellows and junior faculty in pediatric cardiology, we reached out to the faculty and fellows of 4 pediatric cardiology programs to contribute cases. The result is this collection of 35 cases in a format not unlike the presentations made at the AAP symposia. In each chapter a case is presented as the pediatric health care professional might encounter it, thought-provoking questions are asked, a differential diagnosis specific to the case is presented, and evaluation and treatment are described. A discussion focused on the issues raised by the case presentation follows, and emphasis is then placed on particular aspects to keep in mind and points to remember that are specific to pediatric practice. A concerted effort was made to be concise and to only provide content that was directly relevant to the practice of primary care pediatrics. Likewise, our goal was to provide information that is consistent with the current practice of pediatric cardiology and that conforms to AAP guidelines and policies. The information in these chapters is from multiple texts and scientific publications and the material has been compiled and arranged in what we hope is a use- ful format. In the interest of being concise, individual references for specific content have not been provided, although lists of additional resources are provided for pediatric health care professionals who wish to learn more. With any effort of this kind there are many to thank. First, I would like to thank all the contributors of cases, not only for their contribution but also for their patience and professionalism through the long gestation of this book. I would also like to thank Stuart Berger, MD Steven Neish, MD and Robert
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