Challenging Cases in Pediatric Cardiology W. ROBERT MORROW, MD, FAAP EDITOR Challenging Cases in Pediatric Cardiology Editor: W. Robert Morrow, MD, FAAP Written in a case-based format, this valuable resource is intended to familiarize primary care physicians with common and uncommon cardiac conditions that they may see in their practice so they can better care for their patients. Cases are grouped by treating location: offi ce, nursery, emergency department, and pediatric intensive care unit. Following the case presentation, each chapter steps through a diff erential diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and discussion. Key issues are reinforced as Practice Points, and high-quality images support and enhance in-depth understanding of critical concepts. Topics include Pediatric Cardiology in the Offi ce A Child With Stomach Pain A New Murmur and Rash An Athlete With a Murmur Pediatric Cardiology in the Nursery Cyanosis in a Newborn A Loud Murmur in a Neonate Without Symptoms Tachypnea and Poor Pulses Pediatric Cardiology in the Emergency Department Cardiac Arrest in an Adolescent Recurrent Seizure and a Family History of Sudden Death Fainting and Bradycardia Pediatric Cardiology in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Wide QRS Tachycardia and Heart Failure Failure to Thrive in a 6-Week-Old Wheezing and Recurrent Pneumonia And more… For other pediatric resources, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics at 9 781581 103182 90000 ISBN 978-1-58110-318-2 AAP Challenging Cases in Pediatric Cardiology MORROW
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