“A must-read guide for anyone adopting a child.” Lisa Damour, PhD Author of Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions Wcarewisdom ith knowledge and compassion, Caring for Your Adopted Child offers the that adoptive parents need to provide the best ­ possible for their children. Whether a child joins a family through ­ domestic adoption, international adoption, or foster care, he or she may have needs that require additional consideration. coauthors, both adoptive parents, weave professional and personal ­The experiences with essential information on ʶ ʶ Partnering with a pediatrician before adoption ʶ ʶ Helping a child transition into a family ʶ ʶ Understanding health issues and conditions that are more prevalent in children who are adopted ʶ ʶ Supporting a child’s emotional health and attachment ʶ ʶ And promoting positive adoption conversation as a child matures This comprehensive resource offers trusted parenting advice from a leading ­ adoption medicine expert and the American Academy of Pediatrics, focusing on the physical and emotional well-being of children. About the Authors Elaine E. Schulte, MD, MPH, FAAP, a board-certified pediatrician, is one of the nation’s foremost adoption medicine specialists, with more than 25 years’ experience. She is the founder and former medical director of the adoption program at the Cleveland Clinic. She is currently the ­ medical director of the adoption program at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, where she is also vice chair, academic affairs ­ and faculty development. In addition, she is professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein ­ College of Medicine in Bronx, NY. She is the mother of 2 adopted children and lives in Westchester, NY. Robin L. Michaelson is a writer, an editor, and a mother of an adopted daughter. She has worked on best-selling titles such as Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5 and The Happiest Baby on the Block. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. from the American Academy of Pediatrics For additional parenting resources, visit the HealthyChildren bookstore at shop.aap.org/for-parents. 9 781610022156 51695 ISBN 978-1-61002-215-6 US $16.95 CAN $22.95 Dr. Schulte and Robin L. Michaelson have demonstrated a deep and passionate understanding of the evolving needs of adopted children.… This book will help ease the transition from pre-adoption to adoption, and throughout childhood, and celebrates the beauty of children and family. ­ Jane Aronson, MD, FAAP, CEO and founder, Worldwide Orphans Foundation Elaine E. Schulte, MD, MPH, FAAP Robin L. Michaelson Caring forAdulthoodinto Your Adopted Child An Essential Guide for Parents AAP Caring fo r Your A do pte d Ch ild Schulte Michaelson
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