382 PARTING THOUGHTS EE Care by teaching children to care for themselves. Teach them how to relieve stress and move beyond telling them what not to do. EE Care enough about your children so that you really know who they are. Rather than hoping they fit into an idealized image you have for them, know their individual temperaments, limitations, and potential. EE Care for yourself. When you model how important self-care is, you give children the gift of learning that it’s OK to have feelings, human to reach a limit, and necessary to rejuvenate. EE Care so much about our future that you work to make this world better for all young people. You began caring the day you found out that a baby was coming into your life. You were overcome with caring when that baby grasped your finger, gazed into your face, and seemed to say, “I’m yours please protect me.” As children grow, our greatest challenge is to learn how to say, “You are strong you can stand on your own.” I have tried to give you some ideas to build your children’s resilience so that you can prepare them to stand on their own, even to run. But never forget that they draw the security and confidence to be able to thrive from the safety and guidance you offer them. Let them try out their wings and soar toward independence. When they trust that they can navigate the world on their own, they will return to you for the interdependence that has no age boundaries and offers security over a lifetime. BuildingResilience4e.indb 382 3/5/20 2:02 PM
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