Introduction We limit our goals, and young people’s potential, when we see children only in the moment. We rarely view a cute 5-year-old or a texting preteen as the 35-, 40-, and 50-year-olds they will become. If we are to prepare children to become the healthy, productive, contributing adults that will repair our world and lead us into the future, we must set our vision for the long term. For them to thrive over their lifetime, we need to consider their happiness and achievement today, as well as the skills they’ll need to navigate an increasingly complex world tomorrow. We want them to be able to overcome adversity and view challenges as opportunities for growth and innovation. We need them to be resilient. How This Book Stands Out Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and Wings trans- lates the best of what is known about positive youth development and resil- ience into strategies parents can apply in their homes. Because children thrive best when they have many layers of support, we have created a body of work that will also be useful to other caring adults critical to building a child’s resil- ience. When I speak to parents and young people throughout the nation, I am always enriched by their feedback. I learn about the additional information they desire and gain from their pearls of wisdom. It is important that this work evolves to meet their needs and that it shares their wisdom and experience. In addition, research continues to advance our understanding of how best to pre- pare children to thrive. Parents and communities deserve to know the latest in thinking, and this fourth edition keeps them abreast of some of the latest strat- egies. Furthermore, much of Building Resilience content has always focused on prevention—preparing your child to succeed, and to make wise decisions, even when times are tough. In response to an expressed need from so many parents, this fourth edition offers a deeper dive into what to do during those tough times. It prepares us to be the kind of adults who can fully support young people during those times, restore our relationships if they’ve been challenged, and bring our children back to be their best selves. Our multimedia approach in partnership with and does so much more than update information it expands the reach of how that information can be delivered. Videos can reinforce and solidify the strategies offered in the book. This allows book clubs in schools xvii BuildingResilience4e.indb 17 3/5/20 2:02 PM
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