Acknowledgments It would not be possible to thank all the people who supported me in writ- ing this book or inspired me to feel that it should be written. My colleagues at the Council on Communications and Media of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), formerly chaired by Donald Shifrin, MD, FAAP, deserve special mention because they had the wisdom to know it is insufficient just to suggest what we don’t want children to do. They knew that we must make clear all the wonderful expectations we have of youth. I thank the AAP for trust- ing me to take on this important project. In particular, I thank Mark Grimes and Carolyn Kolbaba for the original vision to make this happen, and Kathryn Sparks for shepherding every step of this new edition with such care, passion, and skill. I thank Martha Jablow for her wisdom, patience, and clarity of thought. She guided me through earlier editions and taught me so much about trans- lating the best of what science teaches into actionable strategies people can apply in their daily lives. I also must thank the team at The Center for Parent & Teen Communication (Elyse Salek, MS Ed Jacques Louis, MS Eden Pontz and Andrew Pool, PhD, MSc) for their deep understanding of resilience, their commitment to build a generation imbued with the strengths of character to lead us into the future, and, above all, their constant presence as support- ive colleagues. Our Center is able to work to strengthen and deepen family connections because of the trust given to us to do so by the John Templeton Foundation, The Hive at Spring Point, and Kathy Fields, MD, and Garry Rayant, DDS. I am so appreciative of the experts who contributed to portions of this work. Veronica Svetaz, MD, and Tamera Coyne-Beasley, MD, crafted a pow- erful chapter on “Raising Youth of Color in a Complex World.” Susan Phelps, MS, the Director of Neuroeducation in The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation in Indiana helped me better understand how to build self- regulation skills in children and teens (Chapter 24). Angela Duckworth, PhD, MSc, whose work has inspired so many parents to raise children better pre- pared to be authentically successful, reviewed the chapter on Grit (Chapter 34) to ensure that I captured some of her core messages. Mary Keller, EdD Patty Shinseki Donna Earle and Avlyn Bolton of the Military Child Education Coalition offered critical appraisal and guidance that helped me to write Chapter 31. I am deeply grateful to Jed Michael, MOM (Master of Oriental xiii BuildingResilience4e.indb 13 3/5/20 2:02 PM
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