xxi Preface It has been nearly 25 years since the publication of the first edition of what was then simply Pediatrics: A Primary Care Approach. That book contained 113 chapters and 500 pages. The section titled Chronic Diseases included HIV, chronic lung disease, and chronic osteomyelitis, conditions no longer included in this current edition. The impetus for the book came from a series of noontime lectures I had given to the residents at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center on topics I wish I learned about during my pediatric residency but only acquired by having my own children and in practice. Most of the authors for the first edition were my fellow faculty. As we move into the sixth edition, the landscape of pediatrics has continued to change and the book has expanded significantly, with 157 chapters, more than 1,000 pages, and authors from around the United States. While we have conquered many diseases, particularly infectious ones, other problems have befallen our children. These problems, such as poverty, violence, and exploitation, were no doubt present when the first edition was written, but they certainly weren’t center stage on our radars. I am pleased with how we have been able to remain in the forefront of pediatrics, expanding to cover the key issues confronting children, their parents, and their communities in the 21st century and recognizing the changing face of the practice of medicine, be it health systems science or population medicine. I want to thank all our contributors for the quality of their work and for the recommendations for additional chapters. I also want to acknowledge the suggestions we have received from doctors in other disciplines, including family and emergency medicine and the nurse practitioner community. The Publishing staff members at the American Academy of Pediatrics are outstanding. Mary Kelly, senior editor, professional and clinical publishing, was a particularly patient editor with the reassuring phrase, “It’s all good.” Thanks also to Laura Underhile, editor, professional/clinical publishing, and Alain Park for their work on the companion instructor’s guide. And to Claudette Hoskins, thanks for your help, patience, and the ability to figure out what was wrong with my computer! Carol D. Berkowitz, MD, FAAP BPPCA6e_FM_i-xxiv.indd 21 2/14/20 9:37 AM
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