Adolesc Med 030 (2019) xv–xvi Preface Adolescent Contraception: Basics and Beyond Adolescent Medicine: State of the Art Reviews (AM:STARs) has provided state- of-the-art updates for clinicians in the field of adolescent health for the last 25 years. This has been under the stewardship of the coeditors in chief Drs Victor ­ Strasburger and Donald Greydanus, and this issue is no exception. We are espe- cially grateful for the hard work and contributions of each of the authors who provided manuscripts to this issue, which will mark the end of an era of scholar- ship for our field. Contraceptive care for adolescents in the current environment challenges pediatricians to stay abreast of an evolving evidence base for methods and coun- seling, contemplate acquiring new procedural skills, implement new practice models, and navigate a changing policy landscape. The articles in this issue address this range of needs by providing fresh perspectives on contraception in light of the current range of available methods, patient preferences, and innova- tions in availability. Articles specifically address what clinicians need to know about the benefits and adverse effects of these methods, guidelines for manage- ment of commonly encountered adverse effects, and practical advice for incor- porating delivery of implants and intrauterine devices into a practice. Finally, although youth today have a variety of contraceptive options, no single method is ideal for every patient. This issue includes articles that focus on novel cases and new contraceptive methods that are on the horizon. Apart from the content of each article, this issue has 2 additional features. Each article has learning objectives and multiple-choice questions (MCQ). Edu- cational literature supports this approach to acquiring and retaining knowledge. Although the MCQs do not have any continuing medical education credit, they could serve as a review strategy for our readers or as education for all learners in adolescent health. Copyright © 2019 American Academy of Pediatrics. All rights reserved. ISSN 1934-4287 xv AMSTARs_Spring-2019_00_FM_i-xvi.indd 15 1/17/19 10:10 AM
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