vii Introduction We are very fortunate to be in our 24th edition of Nelson’s Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy as we continue to gain momentum in our partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)! Even though it has only been a year since the last revi- sion, there are many important additions, including the approval of a second new anti- biotic to treat methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections and the significant advances in clinical studies for antibiotics to treat the ever-increasing multidrug-­ resistant gram-negative bacilli that are now in the community (we have a new algorithm to help decide which antibiotic to choose for these pathogens in Chapter 4). All the con- tributing editors have updated their sections with important new recommendations based on current published data, guidelines, and clinical experience that provide a ­ perspective for interpretation of relevant information unsurpassed in the pediatric infec- tious diseases community. We are approaching 400 references to support recommen- dations in Chapter 6, Antimicrobial Therapy According to Clinical Syndromes, alone. Recognizing the talent in collaborators/colleagues of the editors, and their substantial and ongoing contributions to the quality of the material that is presented in this book, we have created consulting editors, whom we wish to continue to acknowledge each year in this Introduction. We continue to have the opportunity to receive valuable sugges- tions from Drs Pablo Sanchez and John van den Anker on antimicrobial therapy of the newborn, in support of the work done by JB Cantey and Jason Sauberan on Chapter 5. For those who use the Nelson’s app, we have a new consulting editor, Dr Howard Smart, to help us create more user-friendly software. Howard is the chief of pediatrics at the Sharp-Rees Stealy multispecialty medical group in San Diego, CA a graduate of our University of California, San Diego (UCSD) pediatric residency with additional training in pulmonology and a tech wizard. Howard writes (and sells) his own apps for the iOS platform and actually took parts of the 2017 edition and created his own version of our app! With the support of the AAP and the editors, we plan to incorporate Howard’s new enhancements in this 2018 edition. A second consulting editor this year is also part of the San Diego pediatric community, Dr Brian Williams, who trained in medicine and pediatrics during his UCSD residency and trained in medicine and pediatrics as a hospi- talist. I often see Brian on the wards of our hospital in his role as a hospitalist, taking care of children with infections (among other things), getting advice from Nelson’s. Brian needs a quick and efficient way to access information, and his advice on organiz- ing information (particularly the search mode of the app) has been invaluable. He is focused, practical, and very collaborative, having come from Wisconsin. You will find many improvements in this 2018 edition based on his suggestions to the AAP and the editors, with many more to come, we hope. We continue to harmonize the Nelson’s book with the AAP Red Book, and we were given relevant information from the upcoming 2018 edition (easy to understand, given that David Kimberlin is also the editor of the Red Book). We are virtually always in sync with explanations that allow the reader to understand the basis for recommendations. ch00-Nelson-2018_FM_i-x.indd 7 11/20/17 9:25 AM
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