What You Can Expect
This book is very much intended to be an interactive guide rather than a book you
sit down with, read in one sitting, and then put back on the shelf. You certainly will
get the most out of the experience—and see the greatest payoff—if you practice the
tools and techniques with your own kids and then reflect on the journey. To help
you do this, we recommend a similar process for tackling each week.

Choose a goal or two for the week. See how this stacks up with your overall
vision for what you hope to accomplish over the 6 weeks.

Pick two to three specific actions to take that week to meet the goal.

Come up with a plan to make those actions happen.

Follow through on the plan.

Make changes to the plan to make it work better.

Check in on your goals.
To help bring your Picky Eater Project to life, at the end of each week we will prompt
you to consider the 6 steps outlined above in addition to suggesting activities and
exercises for each week. You will also come across several features such as What’s
Your Story? and Try It Out games and experiments with prompts and tips to try
the tactics at home and reflect on your experiences.
By the end, you will see how your family life has evolved over the 6 weeks of this
Picky Eater Project. Mealtime food battles will be ancient history.
Let’s get started!
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