No book on how to help kids adopt healthy and adventurous palates would be
complete without the tremendous experiences and contributions of kids and
their families who have practiced the tips, experiments, and recipes included in
this book, most especially ChopChop magazine readers; Christine, Fran, and
their twins, Andrew and Nathaniel; and the stars of this book, Marlo, Corey, and
their children, Brooke and Hunter. We are grateful for the energy and enthusiasm
as well as the time and commitment all have devoted to not only working toward
happier, healthier mealtimes for their families but also being willing to share their
experiences in order to help other families achieve the same goal. In addition, we
are forever indebted to our own families for their enthusiasm, good humor, flexibility,
and ready acceptance of their role as guinea pig in trying out new ideas, recipes, and
practical applications of research findings. I (N. D. M.) am also grateful to my
great friend and sister, Nikki, and her 2 kids, Marion and Anneliese, whose
mealtime battles sparked my interest in how to raise healthy eaters.
Thank you to Kathryn Sparks at the American Academy of Pediatrics who believed
in the idea and brought us together to collaborate on this book and to the whole
American Academy of Pediatrics publishing team and the pediatrician reviewers
who support this project and helped make this book better. We’d also like to thank
Dr David Ludgwig, who wrote the first Picky Eater series with Sally; KJ Dell’Antonia
at the New York Times, who provided us a platform to share early findings of the
Picky Eater Project on the Motherlode Blog (now Well Family); and our agent,
Carla Glasser, for making possible this book, which we hope will help many
families on their journey to happier, healthier family mealtimes.
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