Following the success of our first volume, it’s even clearer to us as editors that
the practice of pediatrics requires rapid access to evidence-based information to
make timely diagnoses and offer accurate treatment for common conditions.
This is our deliverable to you in Succinct Pediatrics.
This book is the second volume of Succinct Pediatrics, an ongoing series
published by the American Academy of Pediatrics with plans to eventually
cover the entire scope of pediatric medicine. This volume addresses the topics
of infectious diseases and dermatology, and like volume 1, this book has the
same straightforward design typified by short chapters supplemented with key
figures and invaluable tables. It’s our sincere hope that such a succinct approach
will allow clinicians, be they a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner,
or other qualified health care professional, an opportunity to deliver the highest
quality of care to their patients in the most direct way possible.
As senior editors, we are fortunate to have wonderful associate editors who
were able to select an excellent group of authors for the more than 250 chapters
that will come to encompass the entire series. Those editors are Charles
Willson, Jack Lorenz, Warren Seigel, James Stallworth, and Mary Anne Jackson.
In Succinct Pediatrics: Evaluation and Management for Infectious Diseases and
Dermatologic Disorders, the authors have provided discussions on 58 topics
with key points and detailed therapies. We’ve also reproduced in this book
Jeffrey Avner’s excellent overview on the core knowledge needed for medical
decision-making. Understanding medical decision-making is the foundation
for making the right decisions at the right time for patients. Evidence-based
levels of decision support (as appropriate) can be found throughout the book,
permitting the clinician insight into the level of evidence for diagnostic tests as
well as selection of different treatment modalities.
The first part of this book, Infectious Diseases, addresses 5 major areas:
common infectious conditions, bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal
infections, and parasitic infections. The second part, Dermatology, addresses 12
of the most common dermatologic problems seen in general pediatric practice.
We are incredibly fortunate to have Mary Anne Jackson as the associate editor
for both of these parts. Her expertise was superb in devising an excellent
compendium of pediatric information.
We truly appreciate the wonderful guidance and assistance from the
American Academy of Pediatrics. Our senior product development editor,
Alain Park, was superb in helping score this key resource.
We sincerely hope you will find this volume of Succinct Pediatrics an
indispensable handbook and guide to the evaluation and management of
your patients.
Leonard G. Feld, MD, PhD, MMM, and John D. Mahan, MD
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