Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for looking at our updated
version of Sports Medicine in the Pediatric Office.
When we published the first version of this book
more than 10 years ago, child and youth sport
specialization had an upward trend, more young
athletes were participating in sports than ever before,
and pediatric health care professionals (including
pediatricians, pediatric emergency medicine phy-
sicians, school and office-based pediatric nurses,
athletic trainers, and team physicians) were faced
with an ever-increasing number of sports medicine
issues in the office. Thanks to readers like you, our
first edition helped guide many pediatric health
care professionals in navigating these new
challenges and opportunities.
Today, the field of pediatric sports medicine has
grown considerably, as has the science supporting
the best ways to both manage and prevent injuries
in the young athlete. Our goal with the updated
version of Sports Medicine in the Pediatric Office is
to bring pediatric health care professionals from
around the globe up to speed on the changes that
have been made over the past 10 years.
In today’s health care world, pediatric and adolescent
athletes are flocking to their pediatric health care
professionals in high numbers, seeking guidance on
the best ways to stay healthy on and off their field
of choice. In this edition, we’ve included a series of
new chapters dealing with specific sports scenarios,
and we’ve expanded the body-specific areas and
examination tools. We have also included new
sections on prevention so health care professionals
are better able to counsel their active patients on
the subjects of preventive health.
The videos with musculoskeletal examinations
were featured on a DVD in our first edition. They
are now featured in an online library that we hope
you will use as a supplement to the written text.
Reading about knee injuries is one thing, but seeing
how to examine someone’s knee in a video is a
different method of learning. We hope you’ll take
advantage of both methods in this new edition.
Finally, I’d like to thank our contributing authors,
both returning authors from the first edition, who
have updated their chapters, and new authors,
many from the American Academy of Pediatrics
Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness, who
have joined this effort for the first time. Each
author has graciously donated his or her time
and expertise in an effort to better educate health
care professionals about the optimal care and
treatment of young athletes. I am so deeply
appreciative of their help; thank you, everyone.
On behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics
and each of our outstanding authors, I hope you
benefit from this updated version of Sports Medicine
in the Pediatric Office as you care for active patients
in your office.
Jordan D. Metzl, MD, FAAP
Sports Medicine
Hospital for Special Surgery
New York, NY
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