207 Glossary Asymmetrical bilateral integration: Each side of the body carries out a different action or movement to complete a single task (for example, tying shoes). Authoritarian parenting style: A structured approach to parenting that involves setting firm rules and the expectation that those rules will be followed without discussion or question. Authoritative parenting style: A responsive approach to parenting that involves having high standards and setting boundaries and allows for discussion between parents and children related to rules and consequences. Bilateral skills: The ability to use the right and left sides of the body together to carry out actions (for example, shaking a toy while holding it with both hands). Constructive play: Organized and goal-directed play that involves building and creating. Critical period (also called “sensitive period”): A time frame during the life span in which a specific developmental stage usually occurs. Dexterity: The ability to synchronize movements with the hands, the body, or both. Executive functions: A set of mental skills that mediate attention, focusing, remembering, and planning. Fine motor skills: The ability to coordinate the hands and fingers when manipulating small objects. Fixed mindset: The belief that one’s intelligence and talents are unchanging. RETRO_TODDLER_INTERIOR.indd 207 2/27/18 9:08 AM
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