xiii  Acknowledgments I would like to begin by thanking everyone at the American Academy of Pediatrics for their time, expertise, and commitment to this book. To Jeffrey Mahony and the team who worked on the cover, I appreciate your dedication and hard work. A big thank-you to the review- ers, Rebecca Baum, MD, Terri McFadden, MD, and Bonnie Kozial, and thank you to Dr David Hill for writing the fore- word. Kathryn Sparks, I am especially grateful to you for encouraging me to write this book and for your valuable edits and recommendations. I am deeply thankful for the support, encouragement, and love of Mike Zachry, my husband and best friend. I love and appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thanks to my children, Justin, Emily, and Hanna. You will always have my heart. Finally, a special thank-you to my mother, Beth Wyatt, for your unwavering support and unconditional love. Your positive outlook and contagious laugh are a true source of inspiration to me and many others. You have always encouraged me to follow my dreams, and for that I am grateful. RETRO_TODDLER_INTERIOR.indd 13 2/27/18 9:06 AM
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