The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) gratefully acknowledges the
invaluable assistance provided by the following individuals who contributed
to the preparation of this edition of Pediatric Environmental Health. Their
expertise, critical review, and cooperation were essential to the development
of this manual.
Every attempt has been made to recognize all those who contributed to
this effort; the AAP regrets any omissions that may have occurred.
Organizational affiliations are provided for identification purposes only.
Kelly J. Ace, PhD, JD; Institute for the Study of Disadvantage and Disability;
Atlanta GA
Terry Adirim, MD, MPH; Health Resources and Services Administration;
Rockville, MD
Carole E. Allen, MD; Arlington, MA
Mark A. Anderson, MD, MPH; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
National Center for Environmental Health; Atlanta, GA
Sophie J. Balk, MD; Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, Albert Einstein
College of Medicine; Bronx, NY
Cynthia F. Bearer, MD, PhD; University of Maryland School of Medicine;
Baltimore, MD
Nancy Beaudet, MS, CIH; University of Washington; Seattle, WA
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