Skill Unit
Administering Oxygen
Measuring Oxygen Concentration
Blending Oxygen and Compressed Air
Heating and Humidifying an Oxygen/Air Mixture
The following 3 skill subunits will teach you how to use the equipment needed to deliver
a desired amount of oxygen to a baby. You will learn how to calibrate an oxygen analyzer,
measure environmental oxygen concentration, use an oxygen blender, and heat and humidify
Study these skill units; then attend a skill practice and demonstration session.
To master the skills, you will need to demonstrate each of the following steps correctly:
Measuring oxygen concentration
1. Follow the manufacturer’s directions for calibrating the analyzer.
2. Place the oxygen analyzer in the hood to measure the oxygen concentration.
Blending oxygen and compressed air
Heating, humidifying, and blending oxygen with air
1. Set up heating/humidifying equipment.
2. Adjust temperature.
3. Connect oxygen/air source to equipment.
4. Determine liters-per-minute flow rate and Fio2 on the blender.
5. Establish precise oxygen concentration.
6. Monitor oxyhood temperature.
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