Skill UniT
nasogastric Tube Feedings
This skill unit will teach you how to insert a nasogastric (NG) tube and how to feed a baby
using an NG tube. The techniques for inserting an orogastric (OG) tube and using it to feed a
baby are almost identical to those for an NG tube. The differences between NG tubes and OG
tubes are indicated at the appropriate steps.
Study this skill unit and attend a skill session to practice and demonstrate this skill. Then
arrange with your coordinator(s) to insert a feeding tube the next time a baby in your hospital
needs one.
To master the skill, you will need to demonstrate each of the following steps correctly:
1. Collect and prepare equipment.
2. Measure the tube.
3. Insert the tube.
4. Check the placement of the tube.
5. Tape the tube in place.
6. Position the baby for a tube feeding.
7. Feed the baby.
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