Congratulations on the birth
of your baby!
As parents, you are important members of your baby’s health care team.
You have special qualities that no doctor or nurse can match, such as a deep
love and bond, which your baby knows and finds calming.
You may feel overwhelmed by the whole neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)
experience. Many parents and families have experienced what you’re feeling.
You are not alone!
We hope this journal offers support, guidance, and comfort as you record
your baby’s NICU journey. This journal includes information about common
issues and questions at each stage of the NICU stay, tips on coping, a glossary
of common terms used in the NICU, and checklists to help track your
baby’s progress.
The information applies to single babies, twins, and other multiples. To make
reading the journal easier, the pronoun “he” is used to describe a baby. Each
and every NICU situation is unique, and some of the sections in this journal
may not apply to every family. Take what you need and leave the rest.
Best wishes from all of us at the American Academy of Pediatrics!
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