Ongoing Pregnancy Risk
Identification for Consultation
^8 ^150 ^301
Risk Factor Recommended Consultation*
Medical history and conditions
Drug or alcohol use Obstetrician–gynecologist
Proteinuria (2+ by catheter sample, Obstetrician–gynecologist
unexplained by urinary tract infection)
Pyelonephritis Obstetrician–gynecologist
Severe systemic disease that adversely MFM subspecialist
affects pregnancy
Obstetric history and conditions
Blood pressure elevation (diastolic 90 mm Obstetrician–gynecologist
or greater Hg), no proteinuria
Fetal growth restriction suspected Obstetrician–gynecologist
Fetal abnormality suspected by MFM subspecialist
Fetal demise Obstetrician–gynecologist
Gestational age 41 weeks Obstetrician–gynecologist
(to be seen by 42 weeks)
Gestational diabetes mellitus Obstetrician–gynecologist
Herpes, active lesions 36 weeks Obstetrician–gynecologist
Hydramnios by ultrasonography Obstetrician–gynecologist;
if severe MFM subspecialist
Hyperemesis, persisting beyond first Obstetrician–gynecologist
Multiple gestation Obstetrician–gynecologist
Oligohydramnios by ultrasonography Obstetrician–gynecologist
Preterm labor, threatened, less than 37 weeks Obstetrician–gynecologist
Premature rupture of membranes Obstetrician–gynecologist
Vaginal bleeding 14 weeks or greater Obstetrician–gynecologist
Appendix C
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