Early Pregnancy Risk
Identification for Consultation
^8 ^150 ^301
Appendix B
Risk Factor Recommended Consultation*
Medical history and conditions
Symptomatic on medication Obstetrician–gynecologist
Severe (multiple hospitalizations) MFM subspecialist
Cardiac disease
Cyanotic, prior MI, aortic stenosis, MFM subspecialist
pulmonary hypertension, Marfan
syndrome, prosthetic valve,
AHA Class II or greater
Other Obstetrician–gynecologist
Pregestational diabetes MFM subspecialist
Drug and alcohol use Obstetrician–gynecologist
Epilepsy (on medication) Obstetrician–gynecologist
Family history of genetic problems MFM subspecialist
(Down syndrome, Tay–Sachs disease, PKU)
Hemoglobinopathy (SS, SC, S-thal) MFM subspecialist
Chronic, with renal or heart disease MFM subspecialist
Chronic, without renal or heart disease Obstetrician–gynecologist
Prior pulmonary embolus or deep vein MFM subspecialist
Psychiatric illness Obstetrician–gynecologist
Pulmonary disease
Severe obstructive or restrictive MFM subspecialist
Moderate Obstetrician–gynecologist
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