Developmental milestones are intended for discussion with parents for the purposes of surveillance of a
child’s developmental progress and for developmental promotion for the child. They are not intended or
validated for use as a developmental screening test in the pediatric medical home or in early childhood day
care or educational settings. Milestones are also commonly used for instructional purposes on early child
development for pediatric and child development professional trainees.
social language
and self-help
Verbal language
(Expressive and receptive) Gross Motor Fine Motor
1 Week
Makes brief eye
contact with adult
when held
Cries with discomfort
Calms to adult voice
Reflexively moves arms
and legs
Turns head to side when
on stomach
Holds fingers closed
Grasps reflexively
Calms when picked up
or spoken to
Looks briefly at objects
Alerts to unexpected sound
Makes brief short vowel sounds
Holds chin up in prone Holds fingers more open
at rest
Smiles responsively
(ie, social smile)
Vocalizes with simple cooing Lifts head and chest
in prone
Opens and shuts hands
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