xv Introduction ABaby s a physician, I have been answering parent questions for 20 years. That’s why I wrote and Toddler Basics for parents, grandparents, and caregivers, to keep this book on your nightstand or in your baby bag so when some- thing comes up, whether a cough, a fever, a diaper rash, or a stomachache, you’ll have the answer you need in a simple, concise, accurate, and easy-to- read format. Baby and Toddler Basics focuses on your child from birth through age 3 years and includes parents’ top questions on breastfeeding, nutrition, crying, sleeping, illnesses, and child care. Baby and Toddler Basics is meant to answer not only the questions you have today, but those you are likely to have at 3:00 am tomorrow morning! Baby and Toddler Basics provides practical information, advice, and important tips and tells you when you need to call your pediatrician. Best of all, it fits in your baby bag! So before you pick up your smartphone to call B&TB_interior_final-1-2-18.indd 15 1/2/18 7:58 PM
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